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Accessories for clarinet and saxophone made of carbon fiber

Since 2014, we have developed some accessories of carbon fiber thanks to the attentive listening and the time commitment of several internationally acclaimed performers during the countless test sessions.

Our products aim at improving the main demands of the most exigent musicians.


Ligatures for Clarinet

Ligatures for Saxophone

CARBONISSIMO Ligatures have been designed to the reed fits perfectly the mouthpiece. Because of no vibration is lost while blowing, the sound produced is very rich, very well projected and has an easy response and staccato.

This material improves the performances of the accessories for Saxophone and Clarinet a lot, resulting in a great response, a better flow of sound, a more homogeneity in all registers and a good stability in extreme dynamics.

Barrels and Necks

Carbonissimo Barrels combine Carbon Fiber and Grenadille in order to mix the rounded sound of the wood with the excellent properties of the carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber improve the qualities of the traditional necks for Baritone Saxophone made of brass and metal.

This way, the sound produced is very rich, very well projected and has an easy response and staccato.

Barrels for Clarinet

Necks for Saxophone



Ligatures for clarinet

Barrels for clarinet

Accel Ligature

Ligatures for Saxophone

Necks for saxophone

Accel for Saxophone

Accel for saxophone

Accel for clarinet

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