About us

CARBONISSIMO is a dynamic and innovative enterprise focused on accessories for saxophone and clarinet made of carbon fiber.

Since 2014, we have developed some accessories of carbon fiber thanks to the attentive listening and the time commitment of several internationally acclaimed performers during the countless test sessions. Our products aim at improving the main demands of the most exigent musicians.

I am Jorge Marqués, an engineer with a long industrial background as an Instrumentation Technician and specialized in acoustics, among others. I am the designer, developer and manufacturer of this project from its very beginning and have taken into account the improvements from the feedback of the different collaborators. In recent years, I also learnt to play saxophone. My motto is: “everything can (and should) be improved”.


In collaboration with Joan Martí-Frasquier, an international baritone saxophone soloist, we have also developed our baritone necks in the quest for the optimal performance to play the classical/contemporary repertoire both in large ensembles as in chamber music and as a soloist. As Joan wrote in a post on his website: “Sometimes, it’s worth leaving our comfort zone to discover other options. With no curiosity, we probably never [had met each other, had collaborated to create and improve these products] nor I couldn’t play with my amazing set-up, now”.

Carbon fiber is a very light but resistant material that, due to its lower density (1,6 gr/cm3), as compared with Brass (8.6 g/cm3), Copper ( 8.9 g/cm3), Silver (10.5 g/cm3) or Gold (19.3 g/cm3), generates less resonance because of its low resistance to air. Thus, our ligatures and necks produce a warmer and more flowed sound, a great response, much easier articulations, a more homogeneity in all registers and a very good stability in extreme dynamics.

If you speak Spanish, we would like to invite to watch what has been said ABOUT US in these reviews from YouTube channels “Saxo en la Red” and “Clarinetrucos” after having tried our exclusive and innovative carbon fiber ligatures.

Ligatures for clarinet

Barrels for clarinet

Accel Ligature

Ligatures for Saxophone

Necks for saxophone

Accel for Saxophone

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