Bb/A CLARINET Ligature


Clarinet ligature made in carbon fiber. Maximum quality.

Easy response and staccato

Great projection

Free blowing

Homogeneity of records

More solidity

Greater core of sound

Larger ranger of harmonics


This clarinet ligatures have been designed to the reed fits perfectly the mouthpiece. Because of no vibration is lost while blowing, the sound produced is very rich, very well projected and has an easy response and staccato.

Carbon Fiber has a lower density (1.6 g/cm3) than Brass (8.6 g/cm3), Copper ( 8.9 g/cm3), Silver (10.5 g/cm3) and Gold (19.3 g/cm3) and generates less resonance due to its low resistance to air.

This material improves the performances of the accessories for  Clarinet a lot, resulting in a great response, a better flow of sound, a more homogeneity in all registers and a good stability in extreme dynamics.

Carbon Fiber is a very light but resistant (x5 than Steel) material that gives a long durability to all CARBONISSIMO products.


LAUNCHING OFFER!! Price: 157,30€ [Precio final: 181,50€ – save a 15%]  

Artists who already use it



Bartolomé García-Plata Gironés

Enrique Pérez Piquer

Markus Rölz

Mateu Ferré

Peter Cigleris

opiniones de nuestros artistas

“Es muy buena. El grosor de la fibra de carbono añade más peso y núcleo al sonido”

Peter Cigleris (Reino Unido)

“Es un placer tocar con la abrazadera Allegro. Se obtiene un sonido grande, profundo, oscuro, cálido y centrado. ¡¡Bravíssimo!!”

Markus Rölz (Alemania)

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